Apps are constantly being updated and a new update was released from the time your device was manufactured and now.  The same thing happens when you purchase a new cellphone and it needs to be updated when you set it up.

If you are getting a message saying that you need to update Netflix, you can upgrade the specific app using option#1


You can download the specific apk installation file for netflix and install it in a couple of min. It's a very simple and quick process.

1) Open the chrome browser on your media box.

2) On google search for "netflix apk apkpure" 

It should be the first link that comes up, just click on it and then click download apk.


3) As soon as it's done downloading click on open and then click install
You are now all done updating Netflix.

# How To Update Other Apps

1) Open the google play store and click the menu button that is on the top left or right hand corner. Click my apps and then click update all apps.

If you have the ability to connect to a home or business wifi for these updates it will make the updates go much faster.

If you have any questions please email our support team



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